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Cura energética

Healing Touch Therapy

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Healing and deep relaxation

An energy therapy session facilitates a deep sense of calm and relaxation, including general and specific responses to body-mind-spirit healing. During a session, some people may feel the heat from the practitioner's hands or a surge of energy. Studies have shown that when a person is deeply relaxed, his heart rate and blood pressure decrease, his breathing becomes rhythmic and slow. This can create an ideal environment for the body to promote self-healing.

Healing Touch Therapy

Restore energy and vitality, reduce pain, stress, anxiety and side effects of medical procedures; Accelerate healing, promotes deep relaxation and body power healing. It strengthens the energy field by bringing protection, mental clarity and courage to follow the purpose of life.

Tratamento Reiki

Reiki Energy Therapy

Reiki can reduce everyday stress, help with management of some chronic diseases, improve sleep, and lessen pain through light (or no) touch, balance chakras bringing a state of peaceful and tranquility, strengthen the immune system.

Terapia Reiki

Mindfulness Meditation

Studies to date suggest that mindfulness affects many aspects of our psychological well-being improving our mood, increasing positive emotions, decreasing our anxiety, emotional reactivity job burnout, improving focus, concentration and much more.

Meditação sentada

Access Bars

Access Bars are 32 points on your head that, when gently touched, helps to change many aspects of our lives and bodies including stress, anxiety, depression, health, weight, body image, sleep, money, sex, relationship and so much more. 



Activate the natural intuition, empowers you to shed negative beliefs and embrace gratitude, bringing out your best self and developing virtues in all that you do, improve physical and emotional health and helps to create a new reality.

de mãos dadas

Some benefits

Heal Spirituality, Emotionally and Physically

Increase Mental Clarity and Energy

Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Reduce the pain

Path of Balance and Relief

Sleep better

Immune function


Experience deep relaxation and healing

Offers for a holistic experience

Initial consultation plus 1 hour session

Terapia Reiki


1 hour follow-up session


Massagem na cabeça

Pack of 4 sessions of 1 hour



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Healing Touch Therapy

Reiki Energy Therapy

Access Bars


Mindfulness Meditation

Customers feedbacks

I'm Carol Leipelt, actress, producer, businesswoman, a thousand things, but like everyone else, human and insecure when it comes to making such a right decision.
My first experience with Thetaheling could not be with anyone else, if not Bia. Of course, I already knew everything I needed, it was within me, but I needed a being of light like her to put it out there and show me that everything was here.
I felt extremely safe, when Bia explained to me how it was and what I should do, she made me super comfortable answering certain questions aloud or not and I wanted to answer everything. I felt inside myself, inside my shell and invited Bia to enter. And it was a beautiful date!
She was leading me with that sweet voice, to ask the right questions, in the right way. You must have already realized how much we use words wrong or how we don't know how to express ourselves – simply because we are like that – and in this process the words took shape and answers.
The most incredible moment was when she managed to get in touch with my “guardian angel” (quotes, because everyone calls it their own way and just like me, Bia respects any and all religions/beliefs). He led Bia to show me the right path and led my body, YES, MY BODY, to reach the famous light at the end of the tunnel. And when we got to that place, I realized that the answer was always there, it just lacked the courage to believe.
Since then, A LOT has changed in my life. In truth. I look different, I feel different, and better, and bigger. This year 2020 can be forgotten for a lot of things, as it was terrible in many ways, but if you could have the experience I had and the wisdom to manage to take a challenging moment and turn it into something constructive, welcome to the team . I think we'll come out of this much calmer, more balanced and transformed.

Meanwhile, I stay here, looking forward to my next thetahealing appointment.
Carol Leipelt

I was going through a phase of great sadness and anxiety in my life when Bia told me about thetahealing and asked if I wanted to do a session to reframe some issues. I felt in my heart to do it and accepted it right away.
I was nervous before, but when it started I felt super calm and at ease.
Whenever the session ended I felt much lighter and calmer, it seemed that a weight was lifted from my entire body. It was the beginning of a big change that I hope to have in my life.
Gratitude to Bea for providing me with this and not omitting to help people.

I love you! ❤🙏🏻😘
Carol Viera

Dear Bea! ✨🌷🙏

Thank you for your availability, delivery and knowledge shared in our Thetahealing session 💖🌿

It was a moment of Healing for me, I felt at peace for being able to look with love at something that made me uncomfortable and thus accept it, clean it through the Therapy we performed.

Thanks a lot and success on your journey.

With affection: Dani 🙌💐

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My name is BEA STEELE

Graduated in Theater and Business, I discovered the world of energy therapies as a powerful tool to heal me, and after experiencing trauma release, expanding consciousness and strengthening my essence and self-esteem, it became clear that my path was to help others in their healing and liberation processes.

Life needs to be fluid, and we are the ones who clear the way for this flow to happen.

- Therapist Thetahealing, Reiki, Access Bars, Mindfulness and Coach.

- Psychoanalyst student.

- Personal Development Mentor

- Meditation Coach

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